Emmanuel Ekainu

Teaches How to Find and Discover Our God Gifted Life and Talents.
My Talents.
Despite the life of Odds, My talents help me to reshaped back my life from Worse to Better and all i could understand and still Remember About My talents Was that, My God Gifted Life and Talents From God Is:
=> The Source of God Blessing for Me.
=> Where and How God is gonna Communicate, Relate and Transact with Me Better.
=> what’s gonna keep and make me remain inside My Father(s) who has given me these life and talents.
=> The Secret Source of My joy, happiness, Strength, happy life and a sense of belonging to the next Generation in Heaven to come.
…..And I was able to Discover and Understand them Better from the deep study, and a genuine relationship, and time spent with the Word of God[bible], and from fellowship with Other God’s Friends who understand God better, and A self Finding Knowledge from the bible.
I have the God gifted Knowledge of Building a Better Home|Family for both the married couples and the singles, building websites, Phones/Computer Tutorials,

My Plan was to produce what will teach people how to Find and Discover their OWN LIFE AND TALENTS and to take the Product World Wide.

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