Emmanuel Ekainu, The Talent Teacher Presents KNOWLEDGE FROM ANOTHER SIDE Album titled Your God Gifted life and talents is a blessing from God and the solutions to your life problems. Go Find it, Go Do it, Go Live it.

About Me.
My Name is Emmanuel Ekainu, popularly Known as The Talent Teacher. I Teach and Help People Find, Discover, Then Use and Profit good With their Life and Talents Both For themselves And For the People Around them Just as i am doing NOW with my life and Talents.
My Talents.
Despite the life of Odds, My talents help me to reshaped back my life from Worse to Better and all i could understand and still Remember About My talents Was that, My God Gifted Life and Talents From God Is:
=> The Source of God Blessing for Me.
=> Where and How God is gonna Communicate, Relate and Transact with Me Better.
=> what’s gonna keep and make me remain inside My Father(s) who has given me these life and talents.
=> The Secret Source of My joy, happiness, Strength, happy life and a sense of belonging to the next Generation in Heaven to come.
…..And I was able to Discover and Understand them Better from the deep study, and a genuine relationship, and time spent with the Word of God[bible], and from fellowship with Other God’s Friends who understand God better, and A self Finding Knowledge from the bible

……But i want you to know this: God says in Ephesians 4:11-13, to some he gave this and to another he gave that, to me he gave this talents you are witnessing here but to you is another different from mine. So you must not do what everybody is doing before you become what GOD is visioning you to be(he might gave them the gift to singing or to motivate people to take action, or do something with their way of talking but to you he may give something different from that.

THEN WHAT HAS GOD GIVEN YOU? AND how are you planning of/using it making profit with it?

There’s a time i get to leave what was mine and go after chasing what i was not talented and equipped to do, AND THIS ALSO Gat me a lesson which i want you to learn, know and understand; If something is not yours/for you.. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never never excel in it, and if you try to in all ways, you will not have peace at the end but you discovering what was made for you, you are created for and to do, and is for you and you discovering and being into it; You gotta experience peace, Joy, Satisfactions and a good State of Mind inside it.

Among all; it was not my school, my headmaster, my dad or mum neither the church goer i claim to be that positioned me where i am today and what you see me doing here, but its the deep relationship and knowledge + understanding OF How God Works, Does and Operates which i learned through his Word[bible] that Brings me here and Equip me with the tools you see me showcasing here.

Though i have not Taking myself to have Become Fully Perfect in them and in it, but the only thing i do is Forgetting those errors and mistakes i have made earlier and Pushing front upward, looking and learning on how well i can grow and Build myself More perfect in this My Life and My Talents

Other Awesome Services i Offer;
1. Website Building and Designing.
2. Teaching Video Production.
3. Teaching Audio Production.

My Plan was to produce what will teach people how to Find and Discover their LIFE AND TALENTS and put it to work just like i do and am doing and to take the Production World Wide.

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