About Me

About Me.
My Name is Emmanuel Ekainu, popularly Known as The Talent Teacher. I Teach and Help People Find, Discover, Then Use and Profit good With their Life and Talents Both For themselves And For the People Around them Just as i am doing NOW with my life and Talents.
My Talents.
Despite the life of Odds, My talents help me to reshaped back my life from Worse to Better and all i could understand and still Remember About My talents Was that, My God Gifted Life and Talents From God Is:
=> The Source of God Blessing for Me.
=> Where and How God is gonna Communicate, Relate and Transact with Me Better.
=> what’s gonna keep and make me remain inside My Father(s) who has given me these life and talents.
=> The Secret Source of My joy, happiness, Strength, happy life and a sense of belonging to the next Generation in Heaven to come.
…..And I was able to Discover and Understand them Better from the deep study, and a genuine relationship, and time spent with the Word of God[bible], and from fellowship with Other God’s Friends who understand God better, and A self Finding Knowledge from the bible.

I have the God gift and Knowledge of Building a Better Home|Family for both the married couples and the singles, building websites, Phones/Computer Tutorials, The Word of God, Funny/Motivating characters.

My Plan was to produce what will teach people how to Find and Discover their OWN LIFE AND TALENTS and to take the Product World Wide.

Contact Profiles:
Facebook, YouTube, Phone/Whatsapp: 08165374286, Email: emmanuelekainu@emmanuelekainu.com, Subscribe by Email or Like My Facebook Page and become a member of My Community.